Kids Learn to Play Polo at Empire Polo Camp


Who says it is too hot to play polo in the desert?

EmpirePoloCamp…. Not the kids attending Empire Polo Club’s “SCHOOL IS OUT/POLO IS IN” Summer Camp!

Connie Atkinson and Jessica Bailey (professional polo instructor) combined forces to run a four day camp focused on polo skills and having fun June 16th-20th, 2014. Twelve children from as far away as Seattle, WA and Santa Barbara, CA joined local players to experience the excitement of polo.

Playing polo in the desert during the summer is simply a matter scheduling.… Read more...

Summer Polo Camp For Kids June – 16th – 19th, 2014


School is OUT and Summer polo is IN! Empire Polo Club is pleased to be hosting it’s annual Summer Polo Day Camp for Children.  Beginners to more advanced players are welcome to join Connie Atkinson and Empire’s polo instructional staff to learn more about the game, horse care and riding skills.



Buffalos Win $12,000 and the USPA 4-Goal Lions Cup Title

Buffalos won the USPA 4-Goal Lions Cup Finals and $12,000. Alex Haagen III, Kimo Huddleston, Lacey Safanovs, Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn of Stick & Ball, Scott Walker of the USPA, Ross Adam and Peter Blake.

4-Goal USPA Lions Cup Final
at Empire Polo Club
March 30th, 2014

The 4-Goal Lions Cup came with an attractive $16,000 purse to be divided between the first and second place teams. Buffalos (Ross Adam, Kimo Huddleston, Peter Blake, Lacey Safanovs) had won the last tournament finals against Edelweiss and had their eye on the target for another win. Buffalos received a .5 point by handicap from Edelweiss (Carol Lessine, Charlie Petersen (sub for Juan Jo Gonzalez), Remy Muller (Sub for Doug Blumenthal) and Emma Stachowicz) at the start of the match.… Read more...

Re/Max Wins $37,500 and the Title of the 6-8 Goal USPA Champions Cup


6-8 Goal USPA Champions Cup Finals
at Empire Polo Club
Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Two well-matched teams rode onto the field Sunday afternoon, March 30th, to compete for the most sought after purse in polo, the Champions Cup. There was $50,000 in the purse to be divided between the first and second place teams. Both teams would walk away with some cash, but the winner of this match would claim the “big check” in the amount of $37,500.

Re/Max: Gordon Ross 0, Dayelle Fargey 1, Luis Saracco 4, Jared Sheldon 3.

Team Re/Max won the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup and $37,500.


4-Goal Lions Teams & Schedule

Chapel Hill

Hayward Pardue 0
Lolo Payan 2
Domingo Questel 2
Torrey Ripinsky 0
Edelweiss Polo

Carol Lessine 0
Juan Jo Gonzalez 2
Doug Blumenthal 2
Emma Stachowicz 0

Tom Sprung -1
Noah Sprung -.5
Brian Middleton 3
Ramiro Gonzalez 2

Ross Adam 0.5
Kimo Huddleston 2
Topo Mendez 2
Lacey Safanovs -1

Rhett Merrill -1
Wiley Uretz 1.5
Madelyn Cobb 0
Ashton Wolf 3
5 Star Polo

Carlitos Galindo 3
Lou Berizzi 1
Nick Watson 0
Federico Ceron 0

Rob Scapa 0
Charlie Petersen 2
Cody Woodfin 2
Gina Padilla 0
Back Luck & Trouble

Nicolas Maciel 3
Cameron Smith 0
Conrad Kissling .5
John Tasdemir 0






Schedule subject to change if both teams competing in a game choose to move the game to a Friday instead of Saturday.… Read more...

6-8 Goal Champions Cup Teams & Schedule

8--Goal Teams
Roseville Motor Cars

Eric Hammon 0
Ashton Wolf 3
Chad Bowman 1
Fergus Gould 4

Tim Kelly 0
Hernan Tejera 3
Charley Quincoces 4
Jessica Bailey 1
Team Remax

Gordon Ross 0
Dayelle Fargey 1
Juan Curbello 4
Jared Sheldon 3
Bobcat Gas Storage

Hamish Bray 3
Bob Edmunson 0
Carlitos Galindo 3
Ricardo Garcia 2

Jef Graham 0
Erik Wright 2
Santi Trotz 5
Isabella Wolf 1


Lions Cup & Champions Cup Tournament Information



Feb. 15th, 2014: President’s Day USPA Youth Clinic



Edelweiss Takes Home The 4-Goal Rose Cup

Juan Jo Gonzalez’s horse won Best Playing Pony.

Empire Polo Club
Feb. 23rd, 2014

Edelweiss defeated Tentnology 9-7.5 in the 4-Goal Rose Cup Finals at Empire Polo Club on Sunday, Feb. 23rd. Edelweiss got off to a quick start with two goals scored in the first chukker by Juan Jo Gonzalez. The next chukker went to Tentnology who came out on the field ready to roll. Nicolas Maciel put 4 points on the board for Edelweiss; two from the field and 2 penalty conversions. Edelweiss came out fighting in the 3rd chukker and closed the gap to a .5 difference.… Read more...

Lockton Won the Title of the 6-8 Goal Emerald Cup At Empire Polo Club

Lockton: Hernan Tejera, Charly Quincoces, Jessica Bailey and Tim Kelly.

Feb. 23rd, 2014

On Feb. 23rd Lockton defeated Roseville Motor Cars 8-7 in the 6-8 Goal Emerald Cup Finals at the Empire Polo Club. In Lockton’s second season playing polo in the desert, they have taken home two of the three tournament titles.

Lockton: Hernan Tejera, Charly Quincoces, Jessica Bailey and Tim Kelly.

Lockton: Hernan Tejera, Charly Quincoces, Jessica Bailey and Tim Kelly.

In the first period of play, Lockton took an early lead with singular goals by Tim Kelly, Charly Quincoes and Hernan Tejera. Roseville was trailing by a point with a pair of goals by Fergus Gould and Ashton Wolf.… Read more...